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      1. The majority features of MediaCoder are provided to you totally for free. The author of MediaCoder has spent huge amount of time and efforts on the software. Its continuous development needs your support. A good way to show your support for the author and recognition of his work is to donate for MediaCoder.



        A MediaCoder Pass allows you to do uninterrupted batch transcoding (queue limit applies). Once you have completed payment, your MediaCoder Pass will be instantly displayed on the subsequent web page and you can pop it in your MediaCoder right away.


        To donate, click on the blank below and enter the donation amount (in Australian Dollars, will be converted to your native currency) and click the Donate button to finalize your payment through PayPal. You can pay by bank card without a PayPal account.


        Donation Amount (in AUD)



        Top Donors

        MediaMonks B.V. $150
        Applian Technologies $131
        Werner van Alphen $130
        Wayne Darville $125
        John Sarley $125
        Jason Adams $100
        Akira Shimodate $100
        Alain Debos $100
        Christopher Johnson $100
        若山 稿二 $100
        渡辺 洋 $100
        Noboru Kawaguchi $100
        Rita Hall $100
        Gary Greenfield $100
        Michael King $100
        James Stoops $100